Agreement of cooperation, revised 2005

Nordic Building Forum is a cooperation between the following organizations 
1. Foreningen Nordisk Byggedag Danmark 
2. Pohjoismaiset Rakennuspäivät Suomen osasto r.y.
Nordisk Byggdag Finlands avdelning r.f.
3. Norrænn byggingardagur Islandi 
4. Nordisk byggedag Norge
5. Nordisk Byggdag (Sverige)
The cooperation was founded 1927 in Stockholm.
The name of the cooperation is Nordic Building Forum, abbreviated NBF.
The cooperation also makes use of the following:
Nordisk Byggedag (Danish)
Pohjoismaiset Rakennuspäivät (Finnish)
Norrænn byggingardagur (Islandic)
Nordisk byggedag (Norwegian) 
Nordisk Byggdag (Swedish)
The domicile of NBF is the address of the chairman.
The articles of association of the member-associations are decided upon by the organizations in the individual countries according to the national legislation.
The board members of the member-associations constitute together a council called the Nordic Building Forum, the superior body of the cooperation. The chairman of the member-association responsible for the next congress is acting as chairman of the council.
The council normally meets once every year. Decisions depend on consensus between the member-associations.
The aim of NBF is to encourage the exchange of know-know and the cooperation and networking within the building sector and real estate sector in the Nordic countries. NBF should by this improve the reputation and promote development in the building sector. 
The purpose is mainly achieved through congresses and conferences, secondly through study-visits, exhibitions, publications, professional meetings and other activities.
The geographical field of interest of NBF comprises of the Nordic countries and the Baltic region comprising the St. Petersburg region, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Northern Germany.
The spoken languages during conferences etc. will be English and Scandinavian (Swedish). Documents will be prepared in English.
The council can set up an Advisory Group, formed by a member from each of the five member-associations. Each member-association can further appoint a substitute, invited to participate in the meetings.
The council elects the chairman of the Advisory Group. The Group can elect one af the members as secretary.
The Advisory Group congregates for meetings upon notice from the chairman.
The Group forms a quorum as long as a member or his substitute from a minimum of four member-associations is present.
Decisions are made unanimously. A member-association not represented during the decision process is entitled to claim decisions to be renegotiated by the Group. Such claim shall be presented within 2 weeks after arrival of the protocol.

The running expenses of NBF are covered for by the member-association responsible for the next congress.
The member-associations cover the expenses for their own representatives.
The council can decide upon division of payment concerning common activities.
The member-associations own jointly the rights of the membership’s name, emblem and those Internet-domains registered bearing the name of the cooperation.
The council appoints an Administrator for common Internet activities.
A member-association who wishes to withdraw from the cooperation must notify this at the latest 12 months in advance of the withdrawal.
Amendment to this agreement of cooperation can be decided by the council, Nordic Building Forum.

This agreement has been prepared in English, but may be translated to Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish.
In case of disagreement between the various versions, the English version becomes the valid one. 


Agreed at meeting in Stockholm 9th March 2002, 
with amendments agreed at meeting in Oslo 9th April 2005.
 Thorvaldur Thorvaldson
Acting Chairman of NBF
 Olav Berge
Chairman at meeting
 Steinar Bunaes
Secretary at meeting

Referat 2003